junk removal Fort Lauderdale

The Black Star Junk Removal Fort Lauderdale Service!

If you have demolished the slabs, ceilings or walls and the leftovers mess up your space, then clear it. We know swiping it requires effort and proper skills, which you may lack. Do not get tense and feel suffocated by looking at the piles of concrete or materials. We are here to give you outclass junk removal Fort Lauderdale services. Whether you want to haul off the major construction debris or the little screws or nails, we can assist you with all. We do the cleaning efficiently without leaving anything to give you the best value from the Back Star Demolition.

So connect with us now and clear up your place within a day!

Our Mission:

The debris at the time of remodeling and the rebuilding of the places is the one thing that can create a problem for you. This pile of unwanted items can create health problems and stuff your place, which leads to discomfort for you and your surrounding.

So to clear up the place and make it green, we come up with the motto, “remove the extra and gain the clean premises”. For this purpose, we try hard by our side to put something into the environment so that our families, country fellows and future generations remain safe from dirt.


Our Work Ethos!


Professional Crew:

To give you the best junk removal Fort Lauderdale services, we keep the best members in our directory who can properly collect and dispose of all the debris. Also, our Team focuses on every minor detail, including picking the waste from every corner to discard without any harm or mishaps.

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On-Time Removal:

Our Team is very punctual and follows the proper schedule. Whenever we receive a call from the customers, our workers take a few minutes to arrive at the location to clear up the space and make it a living place for you. So if you want the junk removal within the time, then we are the ones who can facilitate you.


Clear Price Quote:

It seems that most of the parties end up in a fight due to poor communication and an unclear pricing chart. Therefore at Black Star demolition, we keep our price quote clear to avoid any mishap and lock up the deal with the “Thank you” note.

Why Choose Our Junk Removal Service?
How Do We Work?

We keep our working process very simple and accessible to move on smoothly and give you the best junk removal Fort Lauderdale service. On receiving the call:

  • Our workers get ready and prepare the transport according to the volume and weight of the debris.

  • Keep the navigation map to arrive on time and make our presence as soon as possible.

  • Take all debris to the dump and discard it.

Want Junk Removal?

The debris is part of rebuilding and construction work. And its removal is a compulsory step to make your space cleaner and more comfortable to stay in. So for the junk removal service, we are here to serve you. Call us and clear up your space.So why not lock your deal with us to start sooner?